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Specialized in building software solutions that solve specific needs for users.

Scalable on Devices.

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Design and develop full stack mobile App for Android and iOS putting user experience at top priority.

Smartly Coded & Maintained.


Web components as core part of a full stack mobile products.

Flexible & Customizable.

Web and Design App

Custom web and desktop app….

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Latest Works

Safe Notes app

Safe Notes is the app that gives you a smart notepad to create text notes, checklists, voice messages and to keep them private and yet available, even without internet connection. Available for iOS and Android.

Admob Plug-in

Leveraging mobile app advertising is a power tool to add into your app. Advertising is a crucial component to make an impact. Admob plug-in is a unique way to enhance your mobile app. Easier than develop an app, useful even for those who don’t know how to code and need to improve the app feature. Available in two versions for Xamarin and Maui.

Icon Generator

Icon Generator is made for creating icons of all size in just one click. Automatically generate icons, icon set and favicon for Android and iOS. Few seconds from the export to use them in the app. Icon Generator is a FREE tool created for you, check it out.