Safe Notes

The best app to protect your notes on smartphones and tablets. Available for iOS and Android.

A Must-Have app

Carrying a notebook everywhere with you is complicated, especially when you need to make a note on the go. You can use your smartphone, but will it be safe from prying eyes? Safe Notes is the app that gives you a smart notepad to create text notes, checklists, voice messages and to keep them private and available, even without internet connection. Saves your inspirations, plans, ideas, contacts, passwords, sensitive information, business meetings, interviews, code snippets or anything you want organize, remember and access in a secure way.


Full-featured and easy-to use

An improved design, a light and clean interface and new features make Safe Notes a reliable easy to use and complete app.

Privacy protection.

You can choose to protect your notes using a PIN, Fingerprint or FaceID to quickly unlock the app. The default PIN is 0000, easly change it with your preferred code or click the green text to quickly activate Fingerprint or FaceID.

Safe Notes stores all your data on your device instead of uploading your personal information on external database. All your notes are stored only on your smartphone or tablet. You do not have to trust any other third-party as nobody else have access to your data. Nothing is stored online where someone could potentially read it.


Autosave while edit, set preferred notes, tags and colors to categorise them, text-to-speech and many more features to offer the best user experience.

Create tags to organise and find note

Use colours to categorise notes

Add voice message and Text-to-Speech

Tick the completed tasks

Backup and Restore

Take or add photos to your notes

What Users Say?

Like how easy they are to access the organization of it, all the colors you can highlight each grouping into, and the fact it has a code to unlock for privacy! I highly recommend haven’t had one bit of prob out of it, plus they give gifts for using an voting on my opinion so win win I say!


Simple to use app for keeping certain notes secure from anyone who may be rummaging through your phone.


Very useful for storing receipts that I need to keep. Easy and straightforward to use and ads kept to a minimum and not intrusive.


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